Hand of GOD
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 21, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. The Show Did Go On

After a Saturday with heavy rain and small crowds, the weather cleared and the Play went on as scheduled before those who stayed the course. Daryl, the lot attendant for Lot B had no cars, so he came on set and joined the cast as a "street person". Although he has been here for many years, he had never been in the play, so it was a new experience for him and he seemed to enjoy his newest role.
It was a pleasant evening and regardless of the small number in the audience, we do our best to perform as if every seat is full. In the 51st season of the Great Passion Play, we are facing many obstacles to being assured of a 52nd season, and so we look for ways to keep telling the same story, but try to appeal to a population which is reluctant to hear it and also expand the audience to those who need to hear it. Only God knows what the future holds for TGPP and for each of us, but most of us here, staff and volunteers, want the future to include this ministry. It would be wonderful to pass the 8 Millionth visitor level and see the message delivered to a whole new generation of people and their children and grandchildren.
The story needs to be told.....and heard. Peoples' eternal fate is at stake. The Show Must Go On.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Weather or Not

Once again we are on the fringe of severe weather which extends from San Antonio, Texas to well past Chicago. What the radar shows directly to our west is heavy rain and thunderstorms and they are expected here in 14 minutes. The wind has picked up, the sky is getting darker and there are very few people coming to tour The Holy Land. I think the red and yellow on the radar screen is keeping people away from here and possibly even heading to locations east and south of us.
Whatever the weather, we are at the ready to "perform" and present whether they come or not. The Play may be a "no show" if the threat of thunder and lightening continues on, but we still have time before that decision is made. We are now down to the "one minute warning" for heavy rain, so I will have the poncho at the ready, the radio close at hand for whatever may be requested and we'll weather the storm whether it comes or not. The forecast is now light rain with heavy rain and a thunderstorm for at least 120 minutes..........but no evidence of it yet.........Stay dry, y'all. It has begun to rain.........

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019 Eureka Springs, AR. Animal Friends

Monster is our latest animal acquaintance. Karen and I have never had a pet of our own in our married years, but we love animals and seem to attract other peoples' animals to us. It doesn't seem to make any difference what the animal is, who they belong to, or where we happen to be, animals must sense that we like them and they like us, too.
Karen gives great doggie massages and we have been known to be a boarding house for vacationing animal-owning friends. Thinking back, i have been a willing participant, but I do remember a few exceptions.
Many of the dogs and cats we have known are no longer alive (d), but we have pictures of some of them and even use pictures of them on our phones to identify the incoming caller. I don't know if there is an Animal Heaven, but our believing friends, believe there is one and look forward to a reunion someday. What a crowd of witnesses.
Some of the names which come to mind!: Tobyd), Tobie(d), Etta Fay(d), Lazlo(d), Buddy(d), Gracie, Earl(d), Skittles(d), Nicole(d), Tommy, Susie, Tommy, Gus(d), Harley, Peeka(d), Pryia, Samson, Rusty(d), Muffie(d), Annabelle(d), Ginger, Ruddick(d), Freckles(d), Zoey(d), Angel(d), Charlie, Romeo, Clay, Glaze, Indy the pig, Buddy the Llama, Abraham, Creme, Lady(d), Michelle, Nancy, Casper(d), Boo(d), Maggie, Gizzie(d), LittleBit, Delilah, Chumlie, Monica, Dakota, Zack(d), the Chow who ate the Gergil(d), Cinammon the goat, Dazey, Rosie, Chloey, Hillary, Barack, Elizabeth, Kolo, Lightfoot, CoCo......I can see others, but their names are not coming to me. I'm about to nod off and Karen is doing the same, (but just woke me up and added to the list).
We're almost into tomorrow, so we'll have to put them in another post up the road. Good night.

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Monster and Me: Out For A Ride

Sunday, May 12, 2019

May 12, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. The Show Must Go On

Sometimes we have to "play hurt". We are told to "suck it up", "shake it off", don't be a quitter, let me kiss it and make it better, it'll only hurt for a while, it hurts me more than it hurts you, "grin and bear it", smile through the pain, it's only a flesh wound, get your second wind, win one for the Gipper , keep a stiff upper lip, this too shall pass. In other words.........run the race, finish strong and get up tomorrow and do it again. The show must go on.
People have different attitudes toward the tasks they undertake, the jobs they do and the way they want others to perceive them. I have always striven to finish what I start, to not leave a task in any condition but done, and done to the best of my ability. I remember one bicycle race in which I had a terrible crash within sprinting distance of the finish line, and as everyone passed me as I lay in a heap on the ground, I was determined to get up and cross the finish line, but my injuries prevented me from doing so. I was unable to muster up the strength and ability to overcome the pain or even stand on my feet. The race was over for that day.
But from that experience and eventual physical recovery, I did finish other races, completed tasks and came to a better understanding of what Scripture tells us about striving to reach goals, do our best, seek excellence, please God, become more Christlike and run the race with perseverance fixing our eyes on Jesus and His will for our life and not the temporal, worldly, material, fleeting rewards of life. Yes.....the show must go on......as God wills it......in His timing.....and for His Glory. Thank You, Lord.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

May 9, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. A Tough Week.....But A Good Week

This was one of those weeks which had a lot of ups and downs. The weather was up and down with so much uncertainty it was hard to stay on projects for more than a few hours before the weather changed. The ground was, and is, saturated and it was, and is, hard to mow, weed whack, blow off surfaces, trim or plant. Today it turned cold and then rainy so outdoor work was uncomfortable for those doing it.
I was the only one available for most of the Holy Land Tours, so I had to wait before starting any other work lest someone come to tour at 10am or 2 pm, and most of those who came, came at the last minute. Fortunately, most of the "tourists" were interested and attentive, making the tours enjoyable.
The "Reading Thru The Bible" started on May 2 and was supposed to be completed by 5pm today, but only made it into Isaiah and will either stop there or continue on if there are people available to come read. Not sure what will happen and whether I get to sound the shofar after Revelation 22:21, or not. Right now it is pouring down rain.
Tomorrow we return to our Friday/Saturday performance days, but with uncertain weather and it being graduation weekend and Mothers' Day, the crowds may not be very large. Our friends Jerry and Renee returned yesterday, Loren and Diane are here for another week and it's nice to have them to visit and work with. I met some interesting people including a young Hollywood actress with 40 films to her credit, received a copy of a short film shot here a few years ago by an aspiring film maker about the back stage aspects of the Passion Play, had some financial issues to resolve.....and it is still pouring outside.
Yes, it's been quite a week, but a good one; a lot of study/reading time and a lot of time to evaluate and adjust some of my attitudes about life and how we are living it. Two of our favorite TV channels disappeared from our list of available stations, I wasn't able to see even one episode of Blue Bloods, but had some decent rest overnight even with the heavy rain and thunderstorms which passed thru the area. The radar shows one narrow string of storms........and it is coming directly over us........and looks like it may do so for quite a while. Oh well...............God Is Good.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

May 6, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Is It Time?

Karen and I met in Lakewood, Colorado nearly 47 years ago. We dated for a while and were married in Loveland, CO on February 28,1974. Since then we have lived in Lakewood, Tulsa, Lakewood again, in two houses in Fort Collins, Colorado for a total of 29 years with the past five plus years being in our motor home on the road in various locations. It has worked well that we could be free to minister where we felt God wanted us to be and still have our house in FC available for family to live in.
But, it seems like the right time to look at selling our house, helping those who have watched over our house in our absence new places to live, and setting up residence in Arkansas. We're not feeling the call to leave The Great Passion Play or to go somewhere else, but we do feel it is time to "cloud-out" of Colorado. In a few weeks we will begin the process of selling, maybe buying, moving or storing our stuff, and becoming established in a new place. We don't feel the pressure to rush into a buying decision, but do feel the time is right to no longer call Colorado "home" and have the opportunity to be rid of the two mortgages we currently carry.
We have given the matter to God, the proper timing of it and the work He determines we are to do for Him and His Kingdom. Some of you may be surprised at what we are embarking on, but then again, when we went on the road in late 2013, we shocked a number of you, as well. Pray for God's will to be done, the doors opened and closed as He ordains, and our decisions left in His hands and in His control. As always.........Thank You, Lord.

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