Hand of GOD
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Sunday, January 20, 2019

January 20, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. At Long Last, Snow

All week we heard the forecast for weekend snow and bitter cold weather. And after some heavy rain Friday night, we woke Saturday morning to flurries and then enough snow to cover some of the ground, but not enough to really measure. But then the temperature dropped into the teens and the wind picked up to create some dangerous road conditions for Saturday night to Sunday morning. No drive to church, but a good message on the radio by J. Vernon McGee, from more than 30 years ago, but totally relevant for today. And with the frigid conditions, our water line, though insulated and heated at the standpipe, froze up and needed thawing, and the hot water line in the coach froze up and gave us low flow and no hot water to start our Sunday.
Fortunately the sun was bright today and it got into the high 30's. I was able to thaw the hot water line, changed a water filter, and by late afternoon, our water was hot, cold and running with better pressure. Tonight we will be in the low 20's, will drip warm water so we have both hot and cold water flowing from the standpipe and hopefully not freeze up again. It is certainly an adventure living year round in our motor home, but we still like the challenge of it and we seem to learn something new almost every day. Things like how to unthaw our door to get out of the coach, how to get keys to work in frozen locks, how to repair dresser drawer slides.............
Tonight it looks like we will have good weather to view the Super Blood Wolf Moon total lunar eclipse. Should be quite a sight on the top of the mountain and away from the city lights. We certainly have an interesting life, as we serve here in rural Arkansas. For everything we encounter, the hot and cold, the rain, ice and snow, the bright sun and the eclipsed moon, and for our friends and family............for all of it...............Thank You, Lord.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

January 17, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Return of the TV

Karen and I managed to survive a whole week without television; with no local or national news, no reports of political bickering in our Congress or the British Parliament, no classic television shows like Andy Griffith, M.A,S.H., Home Improvement, Perry Mason, Johnny Carson,
Third Rock from the Sun, or the reruns of more recent shows like Blue Bloods and American Ninja Warrior and a few other "favorites".
But with the return of full power to the RV, back came the TV and the same old stuff on the air. We don't watch any of the new si-coms, or any of the late night talk shows, and have cut way back on my sports viewing. We do watch the national news, after I swore off it for a few months, but the news is still full of conflict, disharmony, violence, unhappy people and the final "feel good" story. Too many are being hurt by the government shutdown and unfortunately the Congress which has been "shut down" for so long is still being paid and not doing much to help those not only in the government, but in the private sector, who are being badly hurt by the whole episode.
There has to be a solution, and soon, or we may dig ourselves into a hole far deeper than the one we have dug ourselves into already. I pray for cooler heads, civil behavior, cooperation and compromise in all our dealings and above all.........God Help Us.
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Monday, January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. On Call

Every Monday and Tuesday I am "on call" to conduct a 10am and 2pm tour of our Holy Land. It's hard to know until the last minute whether there will be a tour, so it means I can't commit to help others with projects they have on the property. We may have people sign up for tours on the Internet for a specific day and time, and then fail to show up, or we may have people just show up and ask if they can take a tour, so it is always necessary to be ready for any situation and adjust accordingly.
To add to the uncertainty is the fact that there are two others who do the HL tours the rest of the week. Ray does the tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, while Mike does the tours on Saturday. There are times when they aren't available and I may be asked, usually at the last minute, to take their place and do the tour. Since we are rarely away from the property on those days anyway, there is an occasional "can you help" call: On call for a call. The main thing is to accommodate our visitors and do what needs to be done. Most projects are not on a fixed schedule, so flexibility is a common attribute to nurture. "Doing it tomorrow" is a common occurrence, except for the tours for people only here for that specific time.
No tours for me today and the project I said I would help with if I didn't have an afternoon tour has been put off until tomorrow, when I will again be on call. Oh well............that's life in the Passion Play off season. Enjoy the slower pace while you can............Hal.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Up and Running

A week ago our electrical system decided it had had enough. Or to be exact, half of enough. We had lights to see, but no television to watch, no radio to listen to and no microwave for our gourmet fare. We had a number of angels come to help, but there was no return to life as it was. Amazingly, the fix has now been effectuated and we are again at full power.
New batteries were picked up on yesterday afternoon in Golden, MO. The Inverter/Charger arrived from TN later the same day, and I arranged for young Scottie to come this evening from Rogers, AR to take out the old and put in the new. The rain which had fallen all day stopped when he arrived and a couple of hours later we are up and running. We had a lot of people praying for us and your prayers were answered: just in time for Perry Mason beginning in five minutes, if we even decide to watch him win another one over D.A. Burger.
We are so thankful for all the help extended to us and for God's hand of protection to be so evident to us as we half-roughed it..........Up and running...........TYL.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. There Was A Time..........

The past few days have been something else. As reported in my latest blog posts, we have faced some bumps in the road. Not only have we had motor home issues, but car issues, Karen had a crown fall off a tooth for the second time in three months and some of our friends and family are telling us about things which are "challenging" them. It has not been the most positive way to start the new year, but there has been something different in the way we have handled these matters.
There was a time when I would look at problems with a woe is me attitude, or see it as a time to raise my voice, sulk, blame anyone but myself and worry, lose sleep or look at the money going out as an attack on my hard work in earning it. We've had our share of "bad" things, but not as bad as others we know. We've had health issues, but nothing like others we know. We've had some financial setbacks, but nothing like others we know. And in all we've been through we truly believe we have been watched over, protected, provided for, and abundantly blessed. And the response we have when "things happen" has changed to one of thankfulness that we can give it to God, trust Him for the answer, and know that He will sustain us until the matter is resolved.
There was a time when I would have looked at such a response as a cop out, a way to avoid the problem or a failure to face reality or rationalize my inability to "fix it". But, I've come to understand that I can't solve every problem and the ones I did solve were not really solved by anything I did, but by someone who did it for me. Whether it was a friend, family member, co-worker, repairman, Google search, how-to book or any number of other "angels", it was really the work of God, being God and doing what God does for us.....it was Him......He fixed it and took the burden off of me.
Our present problems are still to be resolved, but they will be........in God's way and in His timing. There was a time when I would never have said Thank You, Lord. But, for those who have been following our journey, you know what I'm about to say..........THANK YOU, LORD.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

January 5, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Half Power

Yesterday morning we awoke to a chilly morning and the need to "warmer" up the motor home to get ready for the day. We have been using two space heaters and watch the amps generated to insure we don't go to the point where breakers trip or fuses blow. We've done pretty well, but yesterday something went wrong and we lost power in our motor home for half the outlets, the refrigerator, microwave, televisions and radio/VHS/dvd players.
We still were able to use one space heater, the propane furnaces and propane to run the refrigerator, but no microwave, no Perry Mason or Blue Bloods or our regular Barney Miller/M.A.S.H./Andy Griffith/Home Improvement, et al. entertainment. I asked several of our mechanical, electrical people for advice and before you know it we had Tim, Mike, Jerry (on the phone), James S. trying to find and fix the problem. These guys really stepped up and this afternoon we thought we had it mostly fixed, only to be back to square one. Fortunately we had a day in the 60's and some warmer weather ahead, so we will be fine as far as warmth and lights, but minus our usual TV fare. There are very few RV repair people who will come to Eureka Springs, so Monday it will be a call to the Fleetwood tech center for their advice on what might be our problem and how to resolve it. It gets very complicated with all the systems in the RV; shore power, house batteries, chassis batteries, inverter, converter, GFCI's, generator, propane, heat pumps for heating and cooling and how they all cooperate and interact with each other.
So, we're at half power until Monday and hopefully then we'll have a new plan of attack to be back to full strength. For now we trust God to continue to lead us and are thankful for the friends and co-workers who came to our aid with their knowledge and their prayers.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 2, 2019. Eureka Springs, AR. Habits

As I woke up this morning, the word "habit" was on my mind. I laid in bed, doing some stomach crunches, hip rotations, leg lifts and neck stretches to prepare for throwing my legs over the side of the bed, putting both feet on the floor after sliding my feet into my slippers and getting ready to rise to my feet, steady myself, put on my sweat pants and sweater and proceed to the sink for my dental routine, then to the bathroom for that routine and on to the table and a series of other regular..........habits.
When we consider what we do every day, the regimen we follow and the things that are essential for us to complete before we can do other things, it's obvious that we are creatures of habit, beholden to a system of action, without which, we would be unable to get anything of value accomplished. Some of the things we do are habits, some are things we do without even thinking (like breathing, heart beating, blinking, scratching, clearing our throat, recognizing familiar objects or noticing something we haven't noticed before. And some of the things we do are beyond just habits, but are actually addictions (coffee, smoking, eating)o, but what we may call bad habits. There are some good habits like exercise, work, shopping, church, television, music, which can become bad for us when we go too far, spend too much or give of our time beyond what is considered healthy.
One of our goals each year, as we start another new year, should be to evaluate our habits. Where do we spend most of our time and our money? Are we being lured into habits which compromise our moral standards or are actually in the class of activities which could be considered sin or ungodly? As we lay in bed every morning and prepare for the new day, what is the first thought we grasp for the day before us, and is it something which is truly good for us, good for those we will encounter, and most of all does it bring honor and glory to God?
I guess this means we need to add another habit to our current list, so that we can add what is good and eliminate what is not. Have a nice, or nicer, new year.

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